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Surviving Winter - the London Appeal

Helping vulnerable older people stay safe, warm and happy this winter
Helping vulnerable older people stay safe, warm and happy this winter

Londoners recycle Winter Fuel Payments to help people in need

The ‘Surviving Winter’ Appeal is raising money to help vulnerable older Londoners who struggle to stay warm, healthy and happy at winter. The appeal was started by older people who wanted to donate their Winter Fuel Payment from the government to help those in greater need, but we welcome donations from anyone who wants to help! Surviving Winter is a national appeal run by Community Foundations across the UK- independent charities supporting grassroots community action.

You might have seen the press coverage over the last week in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, The Independent or the Evening Standard.

The appeal for London is run by The Capital Community Foundation. You can donate to the London Appeal to support older Londoners in need at

As cold weather approaches many older people can’t afford to keep warm. Over 25,000 people in the UK die from the cold each winter, and many more become ill or slip into debt. In London alone, well over 535,000 households are currently in fuel poverty, spending a disproportionate amount of their income on energy bills. Isolation and loneliness are common among older people, and especially so during winter.

Your donation will provide:

  • Small relief grants to older people in acute need, who struggle to keep warm in their homes this winter.
  • Help to break the cycle of fuel poverty long term,  by giving practical advice on home insulations and getting the best deal on fuel bills.
  • Support for the core work of selected community groups and local charities supporting older people. Through schemes like lunch clubs and befriending visits they build up meaningful relationships and are ideally placed to identify people in real need and act quickly to find solutions.

The Surviving Winter Appeal is supported by Londoners including Dame Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley, the Archbishop of Southwark and staff at Pimlico Plumbers.

Please donate whatever you can at, or to find your local appeal visit



Published on 06 December 2011

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