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Building Communities in Coldharbour

Our Runner-Up Prize for the DSC's Great Giving Funders Award 2014!
Our Runner-Up Prize for the DSC's Great Giving Funders Award 2014!

Thank you to everyone that voted for us in the DSC Social Change Awards! We're proud to be a Runner Up of the DSC Great Giving Award 2014, which recognises the immense achievements of everyone involved in Building Communities in Coldharbour over the last 3 years.

About Building Communities in Coldharbour

Building Communities in Coldharbour is a special initiative of The London Community Foundation.The aim is to encourage and empower residents in and around the Loughborough Junction area to build on the many skills and assets that exist in the community, and help find solutions to local issues.

The London Community Foundation has been grantmaking in Lambeth for over 15 years and during this time we have built strong relations with local organisations and individuals. We wanted to develop a local initiative where we could work to bring investment and support to particular communities, and chose Coldharbour, with a particular focus on Loughborough Junction, in 2011.  Initial feedback from residents on local priorities and potential solutions were identified through our consultation events, “Loughborough Speaks” and “Loughborough Speaks Again”: the report can be found here: Loughborough Speaks Report. A video about the initiative is available here.

Key areas of work and achievement to date include: 

The Community Challenge Fund

The Community Challenge Fund supports individual residents to take forward their own ideas and develop projects for community benefit. We match local residents with local “Nurture Organisations” who support them to manage the grant.

41 residents have been supported to deliver community challenge projects to date, including:

  • The Scented Garden: Led by Marion and Nathalie, with support from Myatt’s Field Park project (their Nurture Organisation), they have developed a scented garden on unused land at Loughborough Junction, and delivered a project working with young offenders at Loughborough Farm. Community feedback for the garden has been extremely positive with residents and passers by commenting on the difference it has made to the junction, bringing a sense of positivity and wellbeing to the area. A video about this project is available here.
  • Reducing the Stress of Money and Money Mentoring: Sue’s project supports local people to talk openly about money issues and potential solutions. 35 residents benefitted in the initial pilot project, and as the project was so well received, local mentors are now receiving training to secure ASDAN qualifications, whilst a network is being developed to help assist people to develop financial resiliance in difficult times.
  • Legal Advice for residents on the Loughborough estate: Led by Grace and Segen and supported by Loughborough Estate TRA (LETRA),  residents have not only been able to benefit from much needed legal advice, but the project has trained local people to enable them to offer the same advice to others. They are now working to expand the project across the area.
  • Art classes: Local resident Jason wanted to re-kindle the artistic history of the area, and has delivered a series of art classes for residents of all ages. The sessions also bring people from the community together enabling them to form new relationships, whilst the different locations encourage residents to access local facilities. A video about this project is available here.

Training, qualifications and employment opportunities for local residents

We’ve partnered with local organisations to deliver a range of personal development support, training and qualifications for young people not in education, and residents of all ages looking to develop their confidence and skills. Training has been in response to demand and has included sports coaching, arts awards, assertiveness for women, business planning, personal development coaching, first aid and much much more!

Key achievements include:

  • 38 residents have secured qualifications
  • Over 150 residents have engaged in training

Making the most of local facilities

BCC aims to encourage the use of existing community facilities, helping to make sure that residents feel they can use and take ownership of spaces that have been developed for community benefit.

  • Over 1800 residents have been supported to use 8 community hubs and facilities in the locality through BCC projects and events.

Enterprise training and the Enterprise Challenge Fund

We've partnered with Tree Shepherd to deliver enterprise training to local residents. 20 residents have participated to date, with 8 participants already test-trading and working to register their business.

We also established our Enterprise Challenge Fund with the aim of supporting local residents to kick start their new business. To date, 10 residents have received start up funding, including a handyman business, catering companies and a carers support enterprise.

Community support and development

Since 2011 we have been working with lcoal groups and residents to help develop local networks and partnerships, encourage the use of local community assets, build the capacity of local groups, and to help build a more detailed vision of investment priorities for the area.  Highlights include:

  • 24 local organisations have been supported to develop their capacity and skills
  • Delivery of a series of networking and stakeholder events to develop local partnerships
  • Regular and improved communications of all that is happening in the locality, enabling local people to make the most of what is on offer
  • Supporting local groups and residents to work in partnership
  • 192 residents involved in shaping strategy & decision-making
  • 112 volunteers supporting local activities
  • 59 partnerships and joint promotional activities taking place between local organisations

Building Communities in Coldharbour is generously supported by JP Morgan and individual donors.


Contact us

If you are a local organisation or resident that would like to connect with others in the area and be involved in the initiative, please get in touch with us. 

We are also keen to engage with companies, individuals and local stakeholders who may be interested in supporting Building Communities in Coldharbour. We'd be delighted to tell you more about our work.