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Making London a better place for all

Known for prosperity and opportunity, it‘s easy to forget about the thousands of Londoners left on the margins. Wealth and poverty live side by side, with middle-class terraces, green spaces and trendy high streets blending into run-down estates and empty playgrounds. Poverty, isolation and crime affect too many. But we can do something about this. We can GIVE LONDON and our communities more help! We can, with your support, make London a better place for all. Click here to visit the Give London website.

Every size donation is welcome at The London Community Foundation and money given through is a simple, easy and effective way for people to make smaller donations. Through Give London, you will help support a wide variety of projects across the capital tackling a range of issues. As with most of our work, we will focus our grant making on smaller charities and community projects, so you can be sure that your gift is making a significant impact at the grassroots. 

Donating is easy and straightforward and can be made via a one-off payment or by direct debit.

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